Daily:  $450 per day (10 am – 10 pm with hourly rate applying after 12 hours)                   
 Hourly:  $50 per hour (normally in 3 hour session blocks)


 Daily:  $350 per day (10 am – 10 pm with hourly rate applying after 12 hours)
 Hourly:  $40 per hour (normally in 3 hour session blocks)
 Note:  engineer not included in quoted rates


Demo packages are available for one song or a whole session.  If you have just one song to demo, we can include you on a session with other songs or you can record a whole session with a group of 5 or 6 songs.  Rates per song vary depending on your need.  If you take your basic session tracks to finish elsewhere, we offer a rate of $400 per song.  This includes the following:

  • Studio Time:  tracking time for one song
  • 6 musicians:  drums, bass, piano/keyboards, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and steel guitar (with other instruments available for an extra fee)
  • Engineer:  top pro engineers


Should you choose to finish your tracks at Funhouse, you pay the base rate per song as in package 1 plus additional rates based on the time you spend on vocal overdubs and mixing (hourly rates apply).  Usually, one can expect to spend $750 per song, more or less.  This variable rate includes:

  • Studio Time:  tracking, vocal overdub, and mixing time
  • Engineer:  tracking, vocal overdub, and mixing time
  • 6 Musicians:  bass, drums, piano/keyboards, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and steel guitar (other instruments available for extra fee)


When you are ready to record your own CD, we can customize a recording project for you with Nashville’s best musicians or your band.  We can assist you in finding songs, production and recording, and then helping you package the CD for sale.  Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and put together the best possible recording experience.  Hourly or daily rates still apply, the best engineers and musicians in the world are available, and Funhouse Studios is waiting to make your music its very best.

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